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Wika News

Pressure sensor module MTF-1 approved for Ex areas

The model MTF-1 pressure sensor module from WIKA is now also available in a version with ATEX and IECEx approval. The new variant of the compact module supports manufacturers in their development of end products for applications in potentially explosive environments. Having ATEX and IECEx component certificates for the MTF-1 simplifies the Ex approval of the entire system.

Sigmatek News

Full visualization steam ahead

Sigmatek Panels are Equipped with high visualization power, the ETT 1064 and 1264 multi-touch panels provide a positive operator experience on any machine – especially with demanding HTML5 visualizations. A powerful EDGE3 technology processor with four precisely synchronized processor cores (4x 1.6 GHz) enables fluid page construction for (web-) visualization. With 2 GB DDR4 RAM and 8 GB eMMC, sufficient memory is available.

Fraunhofer News


Forming presses are widely used as key elements of industrial production processes. From automotive technology to refrigerators, almost every product we encounter contains formed parts. The purchasing costs of these machines can reach double-digit millions, and it takes a great deal of time to set up and adjust precisely as needed. Given such a high level of investment, buyers expect machinery of this kind to keep running efficiently for a long time without any loss in quality.

Framos News

Build a Better Camera with FRAMOS

FRAMOS, a global supplier of custom vision solutions and imaging components, will showcase the newest trends in embedded vision technology and the latest solutions from its global partners at embedded world, taking place June 21-23 in Nuremberg, Germany. Located at booth 2-555 in Hall 2, visitors will learn how to build a better camera system with FRAMOS.

Robinson News

OEM machine assembly frees up resources for production operations

Robinson provides high-quality outsourced metal manufacturing in the USA. OEM machine assembly and outsourced metal manufacturing are experiencing a rebirth in the USA and North America.

Delta Electronics

Delta: Simplicity of Motion Control Programming Eases Implementation of Automated Tile Manufacturing Equipment

As a material for the home, workplace, or retail environment, tiles provide a robust and durable surface that can be both practical and elegant. With earliest examples dating back to the 13th century, they last for decades with no visible loss in pattern brilliance or color fade. As good conductors of heat, they adapt to the room’s warmth and help keep your home feeling cozy. And when compared to other materials such as timber and marble, they are highly sustainable as they are made of natural material.


Kollmorgen introduces a new generation of robot-ready frameless servo motors

Kollmorgen, a global leader in motion control systems, today announced the new TBM2G series of frameless servo motors, introducing features that simplify the design of collaborative, surgical, aerospace and defense and other robots while delivering optimal performance in a lighter, more compact package. These new motors will complement Kollmorgen’s existing TBM and KBM series of frameless motors.

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