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BB Sensors News

B+B Sensors presents New GLT series

The pendulum sensor is perfect for measuring in places that are difficult to access. This is particularly helpful in industrial or building automation. Thanks to the slim stainless steel tube, the B+B pendulum sensor of the GLT series is ideally suited for this purpose.


Schmalz and CoreTigo Enhance Industrial Vacuum Automation with Innovative Wireless Solutions

Schmalz, one of the field leaders in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions, and CoreTigo, the worldwide provider of industrial wireless automation solutions announced the expansion of their collaboration – unbinding robotic vacuum pumps for a variety of industrial applications. This partnership marks a significant leap forward in the industrial automation landscape and brings a new era of enhanced capabilities and seamless wireless real-time control.


CTC high-performance bell-type suction cups, the suction cups that hold fast to sheet metal

In many industrial sectors where sheet metal handling is required, vacuum handling is increasingly used, and suction cups have become an essential element of safety, reliability and productivity. With CTC high-performance bell-type suction cups, COVAL wanted to bring manufacturers the best of both flat and bellows suction cups to enhance system efficiency.

Melexis News


The need for ultra-low-power components which are both reliable and accurate is paramount to the continued development of embedded and connected devices. Melexis’ microwatt switches address this requirement head-on.

Fanuc News


Taking place on 17-21 October in Friedrichshafen, Germany, FANUC will showcase a trio of injection moulding cells in live action from its three adjacent stands (3209, 3210 and 3211) in hall B3.


New OMRON TM S Series Collaborative Robots

These cobots introduce advanced hardware, more safety features and certifications, and next-generation configuration capabilities, making them easier to use than ever before.

binder Connnector News

The new Power Bayonet Connector PBC15 from binder

PBC15 from binder is suitable for power supply and signal linking of devices via just one cable. Important features of the compact connector with quick locking include its high power density and easy-to-use design, which is tailored for fast wiring and installation.

Siemens News

Siemens makes a complete private 5G solution available to industry

Infrastructure for private industrial 5G networks with a focus on automation applications. The solution is already in use at Siemens plants and pilot customers like Salzgitter AG. 5G is crucial for mobile robots, autonomous logistics, driverless transport systems, and edge devices.

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