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Nabtesco News

Cycloidal gears for the digital age

What do mechanical products in the digital age deliver in terms of performance, and how can they keep up with the rapid pace of technological change? Nabtesco, the largest manufacturer of cycloidal gears worldwide, has found an answer and introduces the next level with hybrid concepts. Customers benefit from new markets, applications, and services.

Yokogawa News

Yokogawa to Release CENTUM VP R6.10 Integrated Production Control System to Enable the Control of Steam Turbine Control for Compressor Drive and the Integrated Control of Multiple Compressor Trains

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that on December 13, it will be releasing CENTUM VP R6.10, a new version of the flagship Yokogawa integrated production control system in the OpreX Control and Safety System lineup that enables the steam turbine control for compressor drive and the integrated control of multiple compressor trains.


SICK’s MPB10 Sensor Bolts-on for Continuous Condition Monitoring

SICK has announced the launch of its MPB10 Multi-Physics Box condition monitoring sensor, a pioneering and rugged bolt-on device designed to deliver real-time, continuous service data from industrial machines, including electric motors, pumps, fans and conveyor systems, even in the harshest industry environments.

Allied Electronics & Automation News

Allied Electronics & Automation Expands Preventative Maintenance Portfolio

Allied offers extensive portfolio of preventative maintenance products designed to keep industrial equipment up and running and team of experts to help identify and deploy solutions optimized for customer applications.

VIA Tech News

VIA Launches Ruggedized VIA AMOS-3007 Intelligent Edge System for Most Demanding Industrial IoT Deployments

Robust ultra-compact system provides a versatile and ultra-reliable solution for the most demanding outdoor and indoor environments. Rich I/O feature set enables flexible configurations for a diverse array of industrial equipment monitoring, process automation, data visualization, and building management use cases. Supports dual HDMI display and 4G/5G connectivity.

Analog Devices News

Analog Devices Announces World’s First Long-Reach, Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Solutions for Smart Building and Factory Automation

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced the world’s first Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Power Device (PD) solutions to help customers drive greater levels of intelligence into smart buildings, factory automation, and other applications at the edge of traditional networks.

autoVimation News

Dragon High Power: New fan air nozzle for camera enclosures

Camera applications in dirty industrial environments require appropriate devices to keep the windows of protective enclosures free from dust, moisture and oily substances. Pneumatic devices from autoVimation such as wind curtains, protective flaps and air nozzles have proven themselves to be efficient protection methods against window contamination that impairs vision.


Discover LEMO’s new cutting-edge High-speed connectors

LEMO is thrilled to announce the expansion of its field-proven High-speed data transfer portfolio with the release of USB 3.1 and Single Pair Ethernet connectors, available as of November 15th, 2022.


CEVA Introduces Voice User Interface Solution for TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi® Wireless MCUs

CEVA, Inc, the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies and co-creation solutions, announced today the availability of its WhisPro speech recognition and control software to support designs using the Texas Instruments (TI) SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC3235x wireless MCU family.

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