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The GA700 provides the strength, adaptability, and user-friendly operation you require, regardless of whether you're in charge of basic transport systems or intricate network-connected applications.

Efficient, dependable, and user-friendly solutions are essential in the modern industrial world. Introducing the Yaskawa GA700 AC Drive, a high-performance, multipurpose tool made to satisfy a wide range of industrial needs today.

Powerful and Flexible Motor Control
The GA700 AC Drive is an excellent tool for managing several kinds of motors, such as synchronous reluctance, permanent magnet, and induction motors.

Because of its adaptability, you can avoid the intricate tweaking procedures. Its one-size-fits-all motor control is accurate and effective thanks to its novel EZ vector mode.

Key Benefits:
  • Lack of Tuning: The motor setup procedure is made simpler by vector control.
  • Accommodates Various Motor Types: Offers adaptability to many applications.
  • Wide Power Range: Able to manage applications ranging from basic chores to sophisticated systems up to 355 kW.
Effortless Network Integration
The GA700 supports all major industrial communication protocols and integrates smoothly into your current network infrastructure.

Regardless of the topology you require—ring, star, or line—this drive guarantees dependable and seamless communication.

Network integration can be done effectively and economically with the help of optional fieldbus cards and the integrated RS-485 MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol.

Network Integration Highlights:
  • Main Network Support: Guarantees interoperability with your existing systems.
  • Economical Solutions: Five drives can be accessed with a single communication card.
  • Continuous Operation: By using the integrated +24 VDC control power input, you may keep your network connected even in the event of a main power outage.
Intuitive Setup and Configuration
The GA700 was created with the ease of use of the user in mind. Its guided configuration and haptic keypad expedite the setup procedure, saving time and effort.

Drive management and logic programming are improved by sophisticated tools like DriveWizard® and DriveWorksEZ®, which put strong setup capabilities at your fingertips.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability
In every industrial situation, safety is paramount. To safeguard both users and equipment, the GA700 has sophisticated safety features like SIL3 functional safety and STO (Safe Torque Off). Because of its sturdy construction and covered PCBs, it can operate dependably even under challenging circumstances.

Safety and Reliability Features:
  • STO SIL3 Functional Safety: Provides high-level safety assurance.
  • Coated Boards: Protect electronics in challenging environments.
  • Protective Functions: Includes stall prevention, overload prevention, and overtemperature protection.
Compact, Efficient Design
The GA700's small form factor optimises panel area without sacrificing performance. With integrated DC reactors and EMC filters, as well as side-by-side and horizontal mounting choices, installation is made easier and cabinet size is decreased.

Effective heat management reduces the footprint even more, which makes it perfect for applications with limited space.

Design Advantages:
  • Small Footprint: Optimises space utilisation.
  • Side-by-side Mounting: Reduces cabinet size requirements.
  • Built-in Features: Includes a braking transistor, EMC filter, and DC reactor for enhanced performance.
Sustainable and Cost-effective
Yaskawa's dedication to environmental sustainability is evident in the GA700's design. The drive has a low environmental impact because it complies with RoHS regulations and meets international requirements. Energy consumption and operating expenses can be decreased with the use of features like automated load balancing and energy-saving features.

Yaskawa's GA700 AC Drive is a complete solution for contemporary industry, not merely a variable speed drive. The GA700 has an easy user interface, strong safety features, unmatched versatility, and a sustainable design that make it suitable for a variety of applications.

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