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Intuitively adjustable airflow monitors with G1/2 thread for zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas

EGE announces the new LC 521 GSP-EX22 series of ATEX-certified screw-in airflow monitors with G1/2 thread for easy parameterization.

Intuitively adjustable airflow monitors with G1/2 thread for zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas
ATEX-certified airflow monitors from EGE’s new LC 521 GSP-EX22 series.

The stainless-steel category 3 sensors have a 0.5 m/s to 20 m/s detection range. They are suitable for flow monitoring of gaseous media in zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas. They are installed in supply or exhaust air ducts with a screw adapter with a G1/2 female thread. The sensors are available in lengths of 32 mm, 49 mm, 101 mm or 151 mm. In applications with a specified air flow, users can easily set the limit value via the integrated potentiometer.

The flow state is indicated by a three-color light on the housing front and transmitted for further processing by a PNP switching output. When the limit value is exceeded, the light changes from red to yellow, a further increase in the flow velocity is signaled by a green light.

All variants have an IP67 protection rating and can be used in ambient temperatures between -10 °C and 60 °C. They are connected via a 2 m long fixed PUR cable. The sister series LC 518 GSP-EX22 comprises 80 mm long airflow monitors with an M18 thread.

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