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GEMÜ 567 eSyDrive: Extension of the product portfolio

Following the successful extension of the nominal size of the pneumatically actuated GEMÜ 567 BioStar control diaphragm seat valve, the GEMÜ 567 eSyDrive motorized control valve is now also available in additional nominal sizes.

GEMÜ 567 eSyDrive: Extension of the product portfolio

The GEMÜ 567 eSyDrive is now also available in nominal sizes DN 25, 32, 40 and 50 with DIN and ISO connections 17 and 60 as sockets and 82 and 86 as clamps. For the ASME connections 59 (spigot) and 88 (clamp), the product range has been expanded to include the nominal sizes DN 25, 40, 50 and 65. These extensions enable electromotive control with up to 63 m³/h.

As part of the expansion of the product portfolio, the already available nominal sizes DN 8 to 15 with DIN and ISO connections and the nominal sizes DN 15 to 20 with ASME connections could be reduced by one actuator size through optimization.

The GEMÜ 567 eSyDrive control valve is designed for aseptic applications and is based on a unique sealing concept, PD technology (Plug Diaphragm technology). This technology was developed by GEMÜ to combine the advantages of diaphragm valves with the advantages of poppet valves. The geometry of the valve enables hermetic separation of the drive from the media flow and high control accuracy. This means that quantities from 2 l/h up to 63,000 l/h can be regulated safely and dosed quickly and precisely.

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